Every year on May 3rd, we celebrate MSL3 Syndrome Day. It’s a special day to spread awareness of this rare disorder, fundraise for our cause and cheer on the remarkable MSL3 community.

Why Spread Awareness?

MSL3 Syndrome is incredibly rare — so rare that there are only around 50 known cases in the entire world. And spreading awareness for MSL3 Syndrome is crucial to helping families navigating this challenging disorder.

Through the simple act of spreading the word and chipping in a few dollars, our community can access more of what it needs to find support, answers and ultimately treatments.

There are children and adults without a diagnosis, many of whom may have already done extensive genetic testing with no matches. Reanalysis through whole exome sequencing (WES) could give them their answer, but only if more people know about it.

Through awareness, more primary care doctors will be able to help with early diagnosis and direct families down the correct avenues.

More geneticists will show interest in MSL3 Syndrome, taking the burden off of the families to be experts in the disease.

New research studies on the syndrome spurred by growing awareness can help families learn more about the syndrome, what to expect and potential treatments.

With more research and diagnoses as a result of awareness efforts, we’ll be able to document more of the diseases associated with MSL3 Syndrome to test for and monitor these diseases within current and future patients.

Join Us on May 3, 2022

We hope you’ll join us on May 3, 2022, to celebrate, champion and support our MSL3 Syndrome families and friends. Throughout the day, we’ll share stories from those affected and rally efforts to spread awareness and raise funds for this unique and deserving community.

Most of the action will take place on Facebook so be sure to follow our page, interact with posts and join in the fun.

Post About MSL3 Syndrome

Participate in the day by spreading awareness on social media. Be sure to tag the MSL3 Syndrome page and use the hashtag #MSL3Syndrome when you post!

Feel free to share a personal message about MSL3 Syndrome, your connection to the disorder and link helpful resources on this site, like MSL3 Syndrome, Impact and Donate

You might also use this post content as a starting point and tweak it to use your own voice.

Happy MSL3 Syndrome Day! Today, we celebrate this beautifully unique community facing a challenging and rare disorder of which very little is known. It’s only through spreading awareness that we can support our kiddos with MSL3 Syndrome, help others find an accurate diagnosis and catalyze research for more positive outcomes. Join me in standing behind this brave community! #MSL3Syndrome https://msl3.org/get-involved/donate/

MSL3 Syndrome Day Highlights From Past Years

Michael Ann Thompson's son

2021 was the inaugural MSL3 Syndrome Day, but we’re looking forward to cheering on this special community for years to come.

To celebrate MSL3 Syndrome Day in 2021, our vice president, Michael Ann Thompson, shared a post on the importance of spreading awareness and the impact it can have on the MSL3 Syndrome community.